23rd May, Saturday, 4:30-5:30 pm
"USA Education during these Covid times and How to enhance your
Resume for University applications"
During this FREE webinar, we will have a Live Q&A with admission officers of American Universities to understand the impact of Covid-19 on future Education.
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Dr Pratibha Jain  Eduabroad Consulting 
Mr Shishir 
University of Lehigh 
Ms Punam Jain 
University of Oregon 
Ms Apurva Salvi
University of Arizona
You'll learn Why Virtual Internships and Essay writing workshops are critical for future success and getting into top Universities

How to make informed higher education decisions in these uncertain times,
and what support to expect from the Universities. 

We will also cover how to create an action plan, and what critical elements are Universities looking for in the profile of a prospective student.
Secret 1
The #1 skill separating great students from their peers
Secret 2
Why is it tougher than ever before to make the right decision and what can you do about it
Secret 3
How Virtual Internships are the future and a great way to explore corporate work culture.
3 reasons it is hard to stay accountable for online education and invest your time in activities that truly provide a holistic and experimental learning experience.
** ….and SO MUCH MORE!
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